Chess Mentor

Friday morning and I am home. Shower, cereal, coffee. Liam looking over my shoulder. Poor him. Not enough Rice Krispies or Cheerios to make a bowl combined. Dosen’t like Malto-meal or oatmeal anymore. The frozen toaster waffles were so old that they’d recently been thrown out. Lucky, Dorothea had made two loaves of bread last night. That and some Kefir did the trick.
I continue to work my way through the Chess Mentor program that I bought. I am on lesson two hundread of six hundred or so, starting from very basic beginner. I did that becuase Liam was, well, looking over my shoulder.
When I called about ordering the program, the guy that answered the phone explained that he and a partner originally did the program in the early 1990s. He did the programming and his partner did the chess content. It was sad because he was wheezing and out of breath, I couldn’t help thinking of emphazema. But the idea of creating a software that would keep even a trickle of income seems great.