Dead letter to myself

Put AAA batteries into my Audible Otis and was listening to Greg Brown and Kevin Bowie while doing the elliptical trainer. Kevin has a song called “Dead Letter to Myself.” That seems to fit perfectly what the this blog is to me.
I was also thinking that this blog is like the conversation that I would have with a friend or relative or significant other if I was in the mood and they were in the mood. A rare occurence. So I just go ahead and blog.
The picture is of an old bus parked not to far from where we live. I thought it looked interesting. Especially with the snow. Click on it (or any photo) to go to the Gallery. There is another snow photo there today too.
The bus is somewhat appropo since at the Y today in the sauna there were a couple jazz musician guys talking about how to do a jazz rendition of “Here Comes the Bride.”

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