Today was Unitarian day. Dorothea

Today was Unitarian day. Dorothea wanted to go to the Unitarians and was planning to go with Madeline. My newspapers weren?t here anyway, so I ?talked? Liam into coming too. So we all went to the 9:30 service.
Churchy in that there was a bell ringing, organ playing during hymns. Churchy, except up in front where you would expect a large cross, there is just this wavy wood paneling. Very pretty. But the cross is conspicuously absent, you know? Begs the question: why are we in a church? I am sure this ground has been covered before. I believe Garrison Keillor likes to make fun of Unitarians.
Great piano music?blues, stride, boogie-woogie. Considering that the Quakers don?t have any music, mostly, it was pretty cool. Sort of more officious than the Quakers, though. For the Unitarians, someone has to say something, and a lot of that gets to be kind of blah-blah-blah. But to be fair, the sermon talked about some tough issues that they dealt with last year in the neighborhood. I saw a Quaker there. Looks more organized as far as religious education, and it is just plain bigger. We will be returning. Probably, things are different at the later service.
Neither New York Times nor the Star Tribune was here this morning. So, I shoveled the walk. It is still snowing. Warmed up to the single digits above. Watched CBS Sunday Morning. Still a great show.
Odd juxtaposition between the presentation between the news story of 244 people dying in a stampede in Mecca (which got about ten seconds), and the rest of the show, which was about various off-beat Super Bowl things?the commercials, the grounds crew, the beer plumbing, the ?the Super Bowl is Christmas, Hanukkah, and Qanzaa all rolled into one.?
40% of the people in the United States will watch the Super Bowl and its commercials. Budweiser is running nine new ads. had bought a spot, but it was rejected as being inappropriate. (Too political?)
Didn?t get very far in the Sunday Times crossword. Why is it that I can?t find the Sunday NY Times crossword in the Sunday NY Times, even when I do get? I finished the Wednesday crossword this week. Quite proud of that.
And another thing that I have wanted to look into for a long time is whether or not Friends for a Nonviolent World (FNVW) offers a class about domestic (as in home) nonviolence.