200312110725 Nina’s. Billy is in

200312110725 Nina’s. Billy is in a really talkative mood. He is in here every morning that I am. There is something about him. He reminds me of the low IQ–high functioning handicapped people that I used to work with. And I am thinking about how this place is great for him because he loves to talk and ask questions and argue with people, some of whom seem to get tired of him, but his audience is always changing. Baristas come and go.
Overate yesterday. My manager took the seven of us in our department out to lunch at Axel’s, a fairly fancy-schmantcy place to eat.
Yesterday was an early release day for the kids. the boys were sliding on our hill. Keeve called for Shea, his little brother Shea called for Anders, Liam was left behind. There “was no room for Liam.” Tom drove them to the sliding hill and dropped them off with a cellphone. Yucky. At one level, just Tom trying to deal with the early release day. But I feel such sorrow for Liam. I remember that so clearly from my childhood–“you can’t come in” “we’re going but you can’t come with us” boy that is hurtful.

The allergy season started in

The allergy season started in ernest yesterday, August 11. As D. pointed out, we usually go for a bike ride on the first bad allergy day. Also discovered that Vancenase, my nasal cortocosteroid aerosol of choice, is “no longer available.” Don’t know why and am looking into it. That bugs me because it has worked very well and I wonder what bad stuff it did that it was pulled.

Golfed Saturday morning. Paired up

Golfed Saturday morning. Paired up with this guy, a tax and something–finance?–attorney. He’s probably a pretty good golfer, but it was the first time he’d been out this year. So we were a pretty even match. I shot a 58, my second best score so far. Dismal by other standards. Plenty of room for improvement, progress that I sure I will make. His suggestion, besides keep my head down and “have you ever swung a baseball bat?” was to go out and drink a six-pack while playing and relax. The relax is not bad advice in anything. He was kind of chronically cussing himself out, and that is one thing that I think I have been successful in not doing. He left me his business card and said he”ll be out every Saturday morning at 6 from here out.

Golfed today, out there before

Golfed today, out there before six. It is such a wonder deal to be able to get out and golf when there aren’t a lot of other people around. It is a great time of day, too. I did a 63, which is my par. I hit a 3 metalwood off every appropriate tee with good to not too embarassing results. I went out yesterday too. And Kent and Jim were playing ahead of me. Interesting emotional issue for me. I was thinking that they had arranged to go out together, which is fine, but nonetheless I was dealing with issues of exclusion. What they told me later was this: Jim said that he was out there at 5:45, was going down the fairway and Kent, at about 6:00, came on the tee. He saw, and got his attention, and joined up with him. That all makes sense and is totally against the automatic feelings of exclusion that came up. To my credit, I think I dealt with it, or at least didn’t totally go into a tailspin. Something that I need to work on is that when I think I am dissed I develop a huge dose of standoff-ishness, and I was doing that for sure. Definitely a defense mechanism. Definitely maladaptive. The only way out of that is a totally Zen thing, though, as far as I can tell. I just have to be removed from it? Went to the driving range. Wasn’t real happy with the way it went, but I noticed that yesterday too. And this morning when I play, I felt that what I did on the driving range didn’t apply.

So far, this has been

So far, this has been great. This has been the latest that my allergies have not started. Did have a watery, irrated eye last night, and I got up and took a claritin. I have my nasal spray ready to go.

On the course teeing off

On the course teeing off about 6:15. I wasn’t going to go; I was thinking resting. But since I was up, what the heck. When I pulled up, K.’s jeep was there, but he wasn’t on the tee. I realized that I only had 4 balls. I hit my tee shot with the 3 metal wood, slicing into the woods, hitting a tree, and having no idea where my ball went. So I swallowed my pride, walked down the fairway (there was a guy who came up to the tee right after me), dropped my ball, and hit a 6 iron for tee and fairway shots there after. I got a 55, my best round ever. A truly Zen round of golf.
Also, went on Saturday afternoon between thunderstorms. M. was at a friend’s and L. had a playdate. I determined that 63 was par for me.

Went to Highland Executive this

Went to Highland Executive this morning, between thunderstorms. Still not keeping score; hit two good 3 woods shots and two bad ones. I think that I am getting the timing of the coil down better. On Hole Three, did a muligan, tossed back out in the fairway, but then hit a good straight six iron shot, followed by another, then a seven onto the green (far edge) and two putted. That was a great series.
Three days, hit balls four times. Fourth day, nine holes.