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Death brings life to life.

“Death makes life real. Death makes God true. Death brings death to all illusions. It is very interesting how death exists in this world. Death is called a void. Death is supposed to take everything away, to put an end to everything. Yet is is death that gives life to life. Deaths gives life to God. Death gives life to your heart….. Gurumayi says

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First entry

This is a first (and test) entry for the dragonfly blog. The idea for why there is a dragonfly blog is to honor the memory of Thomas Hansmeyer.
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You make a grown man cry

Raining again. Rained yesterday. Robert, the funeral director called Dorothea to give her a heads up that Thomas was being cremated. About nine o’clock she got the call.
The Stones were in town on Tuesday. Perhaps that is why I have been thinking of that lyric. Maybe it is because of Thomas. Odd that it started to rain when he died, and when he was cremated.

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Thomas Hansmeyer

Bruegger’s in Highland. The bagel shop. I am escaping a houseful of people and came to this neighborhood in search of clariton-d from the Synder’s pharmacy.
Thomas Hansmeyer, one of Dorothea’s younger brothers, died early Saturday morning, September 3. He was 39 years old. Which is why our house is full of people; many of his siblings, in-laws, and nephews and nieces have descended on our house. So my need for drugs was a good excuse to exit. And to get caught up on blogging.
Sorry, I am pretty scattered. I will post and get things down, but they may not be coherent or in order. This picture is from 1995, and one that I took at our house in Little Falls.

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