The Fourth

Dorothea and I rode to the Stone Arch bridge and to Nicollet Island. Beautiful weather, beautiful day. We sat at Amy’s Cafe patio and had an ice tea. It was like sitting at a Paris cafe. Just enough people around to make it interesting.
Later that night, she and the kids went over to a friend’s house down the street. I was tired and didn’t go. Staying up for fireworks on the Fourth has never been my thing.
But, now that Minnesota has legalized fireworks, I feel like I am right there, even while lying in bed. The bangs and pops and fizzles don’t make me feel festive, though. Rather, they make me think of small arms fire, mortars in the distance, RPGs, and IEDs. Yuck.

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July 3 and family is back

Well, Dorothea and the children have returned from French camp. We are all re-adjusting. Madeline is off to a friend’s house and Liam is across the street and doing a birthday party. Dorothea and I did a pretty extensive bike ride–Summit to Grand Avenue hill, to Shepard Road, across the 35E bridge, Mendota, Mendota Bridge, Fort Snelling, Minnehaha Falls, and back. Most interesting are the photos of the tree that fell on the bike rack of the minivan while it was parked at camp. Note that Yakima rack was holding up the tree, and that no other cars were affected.

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Starship Exeter

Totally seduced by the media. I took a vacation day today with the hope or desire or compulsion to “get things done.” But for one thing, my back is sore again. Therefore, I was lingering in the kitchen, icing my back and looking at the deep back pages of the Star Tribune after taking Stella for a walk. I happened on an “item” about hobbyests who’d created their own Star Trek episode and posted it on the web at Amateurish, but good amateurish, and, well, humble.