Nine PM Sunday night. The

Nine PM Sunday night. The son is asleep and the spouse and daughter are reading in bed opposite me, and I am sitting in the swivelling recliner with laptop, phone cord, and modem. (Gotta–be right back…. Had to cut my fingernails.) Made me think of how our children’s violin teacher cuts fingernails on the spot at lessons, as required.
D. worked today, extra, as a substitute at her old job. She has been doing this periodically as of late. Originally she said she wanted to go back and see what it was like to be a nurse in the real world. Real world as opposed to the academic she works in now. But also I think its been a long children’s christmas break for her. She just needed to get out. She also had her Saturday class yesterday. We’re starting to get back to normal.
Rose picked up the children on Friday afternoon late and they spent the night at her house. Dorothea and I went out to eat at Auriga, a restaurant on Hennepin that had a coupon in the Blue Sky book. Very cozy, nice atmosphere. Afterwards we walked up to William’s Pub for a beer (her) and a martini (me.) That was the first time that I ever ordered a martini in a bar, and I realized that I like the martinis that I make just fine.
Saturday morning, D. went to class and the children were at Rose’s til noon. I finished reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. I got sucked in. What can I say. D. is reading it now. I ripped CDs and worked on my website.
I spent Sunday morning trying to call France. I burned through the Dorothea’s five dollar prepaid listening to modem whirs but didn’t get through. Then I spent quite a bite of time looking for another card and or trying to call a phone company, any phone company, and get through to hear a human voice. Finally got the country-city code thing worked out and talked to Celine. She said that she’d be happy to see us and said that she was very happy that I called. So the gears are in motion….

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200312310730 Nina’s. Came to the Y this morning just to shower. My sister in-law was sleeping in the basement. I had to get past her to get to my clothes in the laundry room at about 6:30 AM. So I went down there without turning on the lights, got my clothes, and headed out to the Y. (Juitst now, my seven year-old son asked me what I was writing. So I was reading aloud the proceeding. “Did you have clothes on?” my daughter asked. Yes. Then Dorothea said that sister in-law wasn’t even down there; that during the night she had gotten too cold and had moved up to the couch.)
Sister in-law and daughter had returned the night before from a flight to Michigan. The flight was a last minute one for M. We called and bought the ticket for her the night before the flight left. So much for planning ahead.
I now have an audience for the blog. Can I keep it? Will the audience read something they don’t like and get pissed? We’ll see. A. visited and read it. She had a question for Dorothea and I about our wedding. And A.?s husband T. asked about my address. Yesterday Dorothea?s sister M. called on her cellphone while driving. When she asked how D. was doing, I commented that if she had read the blog she?d know. She pulled over and wrote down the address.
Makes me think that folks would want to check it out just to see what I said about them.
Blogger listed the winners of the Manchester Guardian?s Blog Awards. I am firing up the dialup to go to to get the link. Here ya go:
And after looking at the things there, realized that I might have more to learn from the average or bad posts. Or at least as much to learn. Can’t suppose I am award winning right off the bat