The Apartment Jack Lemmon, not

The Apartment

Jack Lemmon, not in a cubicle, but a “bullpen.” Phone (dial), typewriter (electric), Rolodex, day planner. How little things have changed in fifty years. The lobby, the elevators, all look the same. Just not an elevator operator anymore. The switchboard. The references–to IBM, to punchcards, to the Sound of Music, to Marilyn Monroe. Looks as modern and the newsroom in All the President’s Men. (Dustin is using a manual typewriter.)

Camila from Brazil joins us.

Ice skating on New Year’s Day

Dorothea was bent on taking the children ice skating, and me too, on New Year’s Day. We met Liz at the Centennial Lakes warming house in Edina. (The only was to skate.) I strained my back putting on the rental hockey skates. I went out on the ice, but only for a few minutes before returning to the warming house and giving up. I walked around the pond, among the office buildings. By the time we were done at the Macaroni Grill, I was super hurting. Only later that night, after ice, ibuprophen, and Tylenol, did I start to feel better. I was considering not going into work the next day, but I felt well enough that I didn’t have to work from home. I feel recovered, though I haven’t gone to the Y yet. Today I have to get Liam on the bus, and didn’t go this morning.

Happy New Year

Having the day off, I got up this morning bent on delving into why I can’t download any podcasts with my Zen. Mostly, I want NPR’s “Fresh Air.” I googled “zencast organizer” “unable to download due to a connection error” which led me to the Zencast Forum and many, many people with exactly my problem. One person suggested a youtube video for Zen along the lines of this one for Comcast