Hup-two-three-four. “Gotta go–gotta a lotta work to do”

Morbidly overweight women doing water aerobics. Impressive: they’re in the deep end, tredding water for a long time. They’ve progressed. But they are still morbidly overweight. “And no one’s dying words have ever been I wished ‘I had spent more time at the office.'”
Hottubbed and saunaed and swam a couple of lengths. I was, noticeably, while swimming not fatigued. I think I went for about fifteen minutes, and felt like I could have kept going, but, based on my memory of back problems one time after “over-swimming” a while ago, I stopped.
Funny–I don’t know how long ago that was–a year ago? Last summer? Two summers ago? Oh well.
“Don’t just do something–sit there.” Quote from National Geographic article on Buddhism.
The remodeling of the attic is progressing. The taping guy was in yesterday. All the seams are taped. Next I suspect the screws. His boom box is covered in a thick coating of splattered muddy from taping. Reports Dorothea he was listening to the “Patriot” AM talking radio station. Brad, the carpenter who did the framing, his boom box was a Milwaukee tool boom box.
Just finished the oatmeal. Don’t know why I like it so much that I am willing to pay four dollars for it. I also bought a Zumach card. Not even sure who to send it to. I have a backlog of communications–the birthday card to my sister that I started, but didn’t finish and her birthday was last month, a thank you card to someone who leant me a textbook. Studying for my class. (Not a communication, but a part of the backlog.)