Barnes and Noble in Eden Prairie

I have been reading about ASP (active server pages) while Liam and his buddy from across the street are watching The Legend of Zorro. The Legend of Zorro started at 1:40 and doesn’t get out until 4:00. Kind of a long movie, and has given me plenty of time to look into ASP. I am interested in ASP because I have done some database/web programming for my work. I did it in PHP because that is what I am familiar with. But everybody in my new world at work uses ASP. So, if I don’t want to be stuck maintaining what I create, I figured that I would have to convert it to ASP. I found an ASP book, but only one, and it was an “old” book, copyrighted 1999. The connection to a database and selecting data from a database look pretty much like how PHP does it. As it turns out, ASP is deprecated, and has been replaced by ASP.NET. Go figure. There are lots of books on ASP.NET. And, in looking at one, it seems promising that there are freely available tools– .NET Framework and the Matrix Project– for using it.

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