Taste of Thailand followed by Izzy’s Ice Cream

Last night, Dorothea invited a friend and her family over for dinner. They?re in the midst of having their house redone, so dinner invitations, I would think, are a good thing. Dorothea ordered take out from Taste of Thailand. After dinner, Madeline was quite keen on going to the ice cream shop. What a potentially volatile combination, Thai food and ice cream.

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Coffee News

If nothing else, I have been blogging regularly. Don’t know about the quality, but the quanity thing is going on. I am at 340 or so posts.
Coffee shops are little art galleries. Here, a large window displays someone’s pottery for sale. “Got Pots?” reads the business cards. Sunny, cloudy, doesn’t seem to matter–the window and the display of pottery always look great. If I only had a camera…..

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