Living a dream

200506060735 Gingko’s. Yesterday morning, I was abble to live a dream. Dorothea got up early enough that we were able to bicycle down Grand Avenue on Sunday before Grand Old Days got started. That in itself was a dream of sorts. But the real dream was that, after we’d gone done the avenue and back, we stopped at The Coffee News Cafe. So the real dream–that of having Dorothea with me for a morning coffeeshop thing. Once a year, at best.

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Dog talk

200506010730 Down. Sit. Drop it. Leave it. Wait. Take it. The language of a dog person. Increasingly my vocabulary.
Cloudy and humid and rain threatening this morning. Yesterday, not sight of rain and I rode my bike to work. Riding my bike to work endes up being better exercise than I expect it to be.

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