Wife Swap

Dorothea has become a devotee of Wife Swap. And her book club just discussed Being Good. Hmm. And I continue to be down with the back thing.
I have decided that I am having my mid-life crisis at the insistance of my back.
I saw the neurosurgeon yesterday–hope I don’t get into that habit. She was uninpressed with my herniated disk, so no surgery. But she wants another MRI. I’ll do it, but I am not thrilled with it.
Went to the chiropractor today. Accupuncture. So far so good. He asked if I want to see the needles. I said I never want to see the needles. And since they are put in my back, I hope that stays true.

Need caffeine

At Dunn Brothers. Alive and buzzing with conversation. Rght next to me an exceedingly trim young dad and his two year-old daughter who’s digging her way through the newspaper. Ahead of me an older woman and a younger man have bank statements and printouts on the round table between them and are talking about batches. Perhaps some mainframe programming? Perhaps something entirely else? Parents and young children drinking milk and eating pastries. Old couples with newspapers and novels. Neighborhood friends and animated conversation. What?! A Diet Coke on a table across the room. Probably caffeine free.

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The view that has defined my life lately is the inside of my house. The dining room, the living room. This picture is of flowers that I bought for Dorothea for Valentine’s Day. And now there are some daffodils that she bought for me, and they are wilting.

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