Complaining about no snow

This is it. The tenth. Last night, I was looking on the weather radar, hoping to see a hig storm coming my way. And there were weatherperson perdictions of a inch or two. Instead, it is above freezing and we’re getting light rain.
Complaining? Maybe. Ungrateful? Perhaps. But this time of year, I want it cold, and I want snow. And not having those things makes me sad.

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Super Size Me

Whatever it is that I am doing for my weight and health isn’t working. My weight continues to gradually creep up. My back is sore.
And watched Super Size Me with the kids. Disturbing. That guy, Spurlock, is my height, six-two, and started out at 185. I was 191 in 1991. And he gained 25 pounds in 30 days plus his cholestrol sky-rocketed. And while I have never eaten three meals a day at McDonalds, I have been on the road for work and eaten almost as bad. Certainly haven’t lived a vegetarian lifestyle for the last thirty years.

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Had a physical yesterday. Clean bill of health. Though I am overweight, I didn’t get lectured because I was six pounds less than last year. Hernia? No. Prostate? OK. Haven’t done a fasting blood draw yet. And he’s concerned about triglycerides, I think.

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Naked from the neck up

Naked from the neckup up. I suppose that is a familiar phrase. Yesterday at lunch with the Tai Chi folks the discussion on my right turned to slang. “Fubar” was mentioned–fucked up beyond all recognition.” Same sort of military origin as SNAFU. I mention that programmers use foo bar as a placeholder in programs. And I was backed up by Jeff. But “naked from the neck up” sounds like it could be familiar, but not sure.

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Coleman-Annan, Nixon-Hiss

[political rant] Too close to home. The other night, Norm Coleman, my US Senator, made it on BBC TV with his demands that Kofi Annan resign. Coleman is chairman of a Senate sub-committee, investigating the U.N. Iraq food-for-oil program. Never mind of course that former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker’s commisstion is just about a month away from publishing its report.
The Star Tribune’s December 4 editorial puts it thus: “Good old Norm; it appears there’s nothing he won’t do for a headline, or for his GOP masters.”
Pop quiz: Which of the following world leaders won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991: a) Norm Coleman; b) Kofi Annan.
The Star Tribune editorial is below
Which is more likely a slimeball?
As the Star Tribune editorial points out, there are any number of things that Mr. Coleman’s subcommittee could be investigating–Halliburton, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo. But, oops, those would be too embarassing to his keeps, and would require some spine.
And for my part I can’t resist the temptation: Richard Nixon, Alger Hiss; Norm Coleman, Kofi Annan.
Read more, much more, about Norm with Deep Blade

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