Communing to work–bus and lightrail–is just what D. did yesterday for her first day for new job with Hennepin County Public Health. This is another part-time job, making for three. This is working with newly arrived immigrants, of which there are soon to be many more Hmong.

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Los Lobos

Blogging, todo lists, and now mindmapping. Advantage over the other two is that is much fast and is a good graphical way to look at things.
Los Lobos at the State Fair last night with Dorothea. L’il darlin, the three songs with accordion, and after starting out with songs with long rock and roll endings and lots of tuning inbetween got rolling a la Grateful Dead with some rock anthem that I can’t remember expect that all the thousands in the audience, including me, knew all the words then, finally, noe-stop into “Don’t Come around here anymore.” Encore was La Bamba/Good Love/La Bamba. 90 minutes.

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