Home Again

Nina’s. home again. Lifted, both sets, up to eleven reps. Blue moon, cycaidas, sycamore, magnolia, hickiry trees. Breaking Away. Article about Boomingon area from July 25 NY Times. Hopig to ride my bike. Should get going. Watched Miracle on Ice. How to speak Minnesotan.

Laughing Planet Cafe and Soma Coffee Shop

–“no corporate aftertaste.” Patio furniture–the bases of the tables are crankshafts.
This picture makes an encore appearance. I first posted it to my schons/blogspot site last winter. Other friends were visiting down in Bloomington around New Year’s and we got a letter with this picture enclosed, but not much else for concrete description.
And it would have remained that way, except that Mary asked me after I’d been there if I’d seen the bathrooms. No I didn’t, and my lose.
Am on my bike. Rode throught the campuse which is very beautiful. (As always with campuses, especially good since there aren’t any students there. Ended up riding out to the east side of town. There’s a mall area, a Circuit City–so maybe I can find out about my dead laptop battery–and an Old Navy–that’ll spin Madeline’s crankshaft. She loves Old Navy. And back here. Recommended by M. while we were taking our walking tour of campus/downtown.

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