Getting Spammed

It is Wednesday evening. Dorothea and the children are at music lessons. I am watching Seabiscuit. It has been very difficult to focus on blogging. All that I can do right now is ramble. I haven’t gone to Nina’s in quite awhile, haven’t even gone to the YWCA in the morning since I don’t know when. I did ride my bike to work four days last week. That is about the most encouraging thing that has come along. I also rode on Saturday to Energy Park, another bank technical site that my work group may be moving to. Dorothea bought a reel mower and I cut the front, she the back. Felt morally superior about that too. Talked to Christopher yesterday. Those conversations are rare, and this one went no where. I have come to an end of programming I have been doing on the internal, in-house web application that I had been working on. I am getting commercial comments and have turned on (I hope) the mechanism to block them, though the it asks for an IP address and what I have is an email. I got SuSE Linux, but it has been frustrating getting it all to work properly in this laptop. Dorothea and the kids went to the May Day parade. Actually, I thing she just took Liam.