University of Minnesota Raptor Center

Yesterday after church at Dorothea’s request we went to the Veterinarian School open house. Part of the Veterinarian School is the Raptor Center where they do things like fix broken wings.
There was also a demonstration of dog obedience training. Especially cute was where the dogs raced over hurdles, grabbed a tennis race, and raced back.
Thanks to Marianna for taking the photos.

The Man Who Planted Trees

The Man Who Planted Trees was the story that Jill read during Family Meeting today. I remember the story; must have been in college or so when I was into welterschlagen books. She asked about what we would plant for hope. I didn’t have an answer until she started reading the story. The hope that I got fromt the story is that the sheperd was in his fifties when he started planting trees. I may even have missed that point in my twenties. Not now.
As an extra added bonus, the book on the web is a bit of a copyright issue. Apparently, the author clearly intended his short story to be available to people for free; the copyright has however fallen to a publisher that has force the story from the web.

Safely home from train trip to Seattle

I left the power cord for my laptop in Seattle somewhere. FedEx just brought me a new one (for eighty dollars.) So I am back online.
Just did a tally of the credit card and it looks like the trip was $2200 for a family of four to take a vacation of nine days, eight nights, and travel 3600 miles roundtrip. Something like $70 per person per day.
Some of us are still fatigued. I am; Madeline seems to be. Dorothea can often be spotted napping.