Elmer and the dragon

Liam is motivated to read on his own Elmer and the Dragon . He’s doing great, though it is a slow process. This link doesn’t mean much except that I was Googling on the book, most of the hits were booksellers, but this way a great site.
Today was bitterly cold. There were forty mile an hour winds this morning. Most though not all of the snow is melted. I think that we are in for some more rain and snow.
Violin/piano lessons last night. It is wonderful to see and hear my children getting such loving lessons. They piss and moan about practicing, but the love their lessons.
I am still obsessed with trying to get a blog to work at my work. Time has run out but I am finding it difficult to let it go because I haven’t finished it. It works but I want to create a totally web interface. The ironic thing is that I love the idea of blogging at work. It seems like a great way to keep track of things. But I am not so sure that my co-workers will be interested. Alas.
Also started looking at MovaableType and Gallery. I am starting to put some pictures in /gallery.

Train bathroom just a few steps away…

The other night Dorothea asks out of the blue how close to the bathroom our sleeper room on the train is. I didn’t know. She said that she has talked to two people now who’ve taken the train and warned her that if her room is next to the bathroom, she won’t get any sleep because of the noise of people going in and out all the time.

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Pregnancy and the henna belly

Been off the air for awhile. Mostly because I have been trying to get Gallery set up. This is a program for displaying photos on the web and seemd to go with Movable Type. Just isn’t quite there.
Monica was here enroute to the airport and then to a jewelry class in Virginia. She is seven months pregnant. D. organized to have two of her other sisters here for dinner on Saturday. And she went to the local art supply store and got some henna for tatooing. So Saturday evening there were four sisters here, cackling with laughter, drinking wine, and painting henna tatoos on their bellies. Pictures to follow. (Maybe.)

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100 entries

This is my one-hundreth post. Whahoo! I have had visitors from
New Zealand
Not many have left comments though. Not to say there haven’t been some great comments. Thanks all. And people have sent me some wonderful emails. But, this is getting kind of lonely. Perhaps I have skewed expectations.
I have added the “tag board” in the very bottom right–so now there are TWO ways to communicate. Though maybe it is a good thing that people don’t leave comments–maybe people’s comments I wouldn’t want to read?


Liam and I went to our first 4H meeting last night. “Head, hands, heart, and health.” Some pretty geeky people, kids range in age from 5-15. Very nice people, I felt very welcomed.
And we made knitting needles (kind of cool actually) and started knitting. I think he liked it and will go back. (Liam just read this and said “you forgot the egg part.”) One of the boys led a sunday school like activity of making easter eggs.

Moon River

This is how slow the weekend was–I printed off the sheet music for Moon River. Very simple arrangement that even I should be able to play.
An aside (and a request for assistance, if anyone knows the name of this film.)
About twenty years ago, longer, in 1980 actually, I saw a bit of this movie on HBO (HBO was new then). There was a scene–it was set in some inner city, Baltimore, something like that, and there was a mother, playing piano, and her adult, overweight, handicapped? son. She was playing and they were singing Moon River, playing it badly, singing it badly, but the whole thing was very touching and moving. Anyway, I have always wanted to see that again, but don’t know the name of the film.
Hear Audrey Hepburn sing.
Lyrics follow.

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