Latest blog invite email

Got a couple of emails, three, actually, to my latest mass send out. Paul L. says keep it up; Phil can’t get the link to work; Kerri writes a long response and offers to help (with life). She must type pretty fast.

Northern Exposure

Remember the show Northern Exposure? Does anyone know what they called that affliction that hit people in the summer, where they went crazy because there was so much light? I think it is a milder version which I go through in the spring. Mania. Moose mania, I don’t know, something like that.

Revenge or pity

Cranky Chick writes about being on a help desk, and how people think their monitor is their CPU.
I used to run into that often doing tech support at the bank. “No, that thing UNDER YOUR DESK, THAT THING THAT’S COVERED WITH DUST BUNNIES, WITH ALL THE CABLES AND CORDS AND PLUGS, THAT’S THE COMPUTER.”
And then, depending on the person (usually a woman–most of the people that work at the bank are women) with either a feeling of pity (usually) or revenge (often) I’d tell them they’d have to crawl under their desk and look behind the computer and tell me if the saw any flashing lights on the back.


Deep Blade talks at length about the Nader presidential candidacy, 2004, and, I think, why this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, upon reflection, seems to me that in 2000 I was voting more for the Green Party than Nader; more for the Green Party to get five percent of the vote. ( I don’t think they did, here or nationally?) So this time around, I feel the logic would still hold; if one is to not vote for a Republican or Democratic Pres candidate, makes more sense to me to vote Green than Nader.

French Meadows Hemp bread

French Meadow Bakery in Minneapolis bakes hemp bread. It is tasty, and I may be imagining, but it puts a smile on my face. And I just don’t care anymore. When I was going through the checkout line–express lane, ten items or less, the cashier says, “oh, hemp bread, quite popular, wish they’d have some samples.” I say you can smell it through the bag; she says she hasn’t done a sniff test. Tells me that there was a news segment about it awhile ago, about how the DEA had approved it. She said there was a video of the people in the bakery making the bread. And every since, I have wondered if the bakers had big smiles on their faces?

bread crumbs

I imagine blogging to be like dropping bread crumbs in the forest to leave a trail to find my way back. Back to what, though? I suppose to help my already weakening memory remember these days. Also as a means of help. People are helpful. I appreciate that and willing except that I need help. And that I can be of assistance.