Death brings life to life.

“Death makes life real. Death makes God true. Death brings death to all illusions. It is very interesting how death exists in this world. Death is called a void. Death is supposed to take everything away, to put an end to everything. Yet is is death that gives life to life. Deaths gives life to God. Death gives life to your heart….. Gurumayi says

The saints of India have always said there are only two things worth remembering in this world- God and death. No matter how you die, death says, “Wake up. O my dear one, wake up.” Death makes you look at your own life: why you life, and more than anything else, what you are living for. If you know what you are living for, then you are truly living. If you have no idea what you are living for in this world, then your life can’t even be called a living death- because in death there is awakening. In death, there is magic. In death, the heart comes alive…”
Gurumayi says
This is thomas spiritual practise.. This is what I need to remember today.

6 thoughts on “Death brings life to life.”

  1. Sad about Thomas. he was very cute. I always liked running into him, and liked to follow his fortunes from afar. What was Thomas up to now? Always interesting.
    He’s with you, Dorothea. And you are his teacher, too.

  2. Maybe the world needed T’s abundant healing energy. He left his body laughing, which I’ve never heard of anyone doing before. My heart is so heavy and I miss him in excruciating amounts…. and yet I know he is all around me. Every moment is more meaningful now. I want to live with the presence, love and acceptance that he did. I LOVE YOU TOMAS! Thank you for being my dear friend…thank you for continuing to be my teacher.

    Hoeing the bean field here are the dragonfly’s wings
    From this spot the wheat once signaled
    With lights It is all here
    With these feet on it
    My own
    And the hoe in my shadow
    W.S. Merwin

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