Post-Jermaine Yoga


Photo — kayak / stained glass in sun

Sitting in my car in the parking lot of the YWCA after yoga class, which was led by Jermaine, current yoga instructor/personal trainer. It’s cool cloudy with the sun poking through  periodically. Today is Macalester College graduation. Pondering brunch at our house for tomorrow for the Argentinians.

How to deal with all of that? Just trying to get a few thoughts down. Feel pretty good about yoga.

Dorothea and I chatted this morning a little bit about the benefits of where we live, what’s like now,  versus what it was like when we first were starting out here. Neighbor one side of us had a large, aggressive mean dog. Neighbor on the other side was a manic depressive alcoholic with a loud motorcycle.

Uncomfortable with the idea of moving to a condo or an apartment building. That would be a different sort of a deal — a more confined space.

Feeling sad for a while.

Sitting a bit more lately,  tracking my time sitting on a meditation app — which all seems — odd? ironic? — social media meets sangha.

I work with what I got; move along.