Weird. Back at it.

Feels kind of weird — here I am posting on WordPress — after a long absence. Even weirder — for me anyway — is that I’m dictating so what you’re reading (actually I will be reading later — I don’t expect that you or anybody else will be reading this) — I’m dictating it, so not writing.  I’ve ignored this blog for two years and counting. Stumbled back into it recently because of a technical thing for my work (ssh, private/public keys) about which I wanted information from my ISP, LivingDot. They serve this blog. So, anyway, when I went to open the blog, I couldn’t get in, not to my own website. several days of email back-and-forth with their support team ensued trying to figure it out. There was a database problem in WordPress, and they fix that. But I couldn’t get to my blog from my home network. Here. That continues to be a problem. I am thinking a home router setting?

I am also nostalgic. I have entries listed from 2002; it’s been awhile.


Our Macalester student, Andrea, is graduating this weekend. Her family is here from Argentina, so that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately, the weather is cool, too.  Macalester graduation will be indoors today.

We met with her family yesterday. They walked with us to our house for tea after the international students did their reception.