Eighieth versus Ninetieth birthday

From the blog: We drove to Little Falls yesterday. Dorothea’s aunt celebrated her eightieh birthday at the Senior Center. I was reminded of both my mom’s eightieth and her ninetieth, of who was and wan’t there for each, what they looked like, and how their appearance changed over the decade. 80: my mom was driving and just moved to a townhouse-sort of place. Did things like drive to the farm and Little Falls. 90: stopped driving, and moved into an assisted living facility attached to a nursing home. 80: there were in attendance some still lively cousins of hers and other weird relations; 90: not.

One (at least one) cool thing about Dorothea’s side is that they’ve maintained contact with the side of the family that stayed in Germany. There was a brother who stayed, and a brother who left.

Also, Dorothea fell in love with and spent most of the time sitting next to this guy who looked like and sounded like her father.

(Later in the day, hours after I had posted this, I realized I’d erred using the word “eighth” instead of “eightieth.” First comment: They are both odd words, using usual rules. Second, here’s the beauty of having a blog post rather than just a Facebook entry: I was able to go back and edit. Google+, for instance, also allows for editing.)