Dali Lama

Dorothea was quite keen on seeing the Dali Lama. He is in the Twin Cities this weekend. And, he is in our neighborhood—staying at the University of Minnesota president’s house and appearing today at the University of Saint Thomas. We walked the dog this morning. oohing and aahing the Tibetans and their colorful clothing as they entered the front of the huge new sports building, and walking around the block, stood on the corner of Finn and Selby. This seemed to be a strategic spot for Lama viewing, given that

  1. The street was blocked off at both ends by a couple of police cars
  2. There was another couple standing there on the corner, looking like they were waiting to see the Dali Lama, too
  3. The Dali Lama, running behind schedule, had apparently not yet arrived

We stood and chatted. The guy was a retired Saint Thomas history professor, and he and his wife live in the neighborhood. (Funny, retired professors don’t seem as old as they used to.) The cop across the street was entertainment as he tried to shoo away students in their cars, attempting to turn into the parking lot, now forbidden.

We never actually saw the Dali Lama. We did see caravan of vehicles—police cars and black Suburbans with tinted windows. We were able to walk down closer to where they parked and saw a freight elevator loaded with monks.