February thaw, ice dams

Yikes. I suppose that the ice dam problem has always been there, eternal. And the solution of scraping off the snow from the edge of the roof with a roof rake—maybe that is all there is to it. But I don’t know. I have no interest in climbing up on the roof. My brother-in-law had a ladder accident last week, in fact, trying to get snow off his roof. The ice and water thing on the roof is quite insidious. Pervasive. Universal. Eternal. Okay, I am looping.

Later, I should put on my rubber dairy boots, assemble the roof rake which is in the front porch and partially held together with duct tape, trudge to the back yard, and, avoiding the power lines, telephone lines, and cable lines coming across the backyard diagonally from the utility pole to the house, scrape off what I can. I called Z2A Roofing yesterday. They answered the phone—good thing. But they are busy, asked if I had water coming into the house now (triage), and told me to call back on Tuesday. Their guy, The Roof Whisperer, was here in December, after the snow that collapsed the Metrodome, leaving us with calcium chloride in our gutters.

Sitting in the spare bedroom upstairs. It is “spare” right now because for the first time in years, we are not hosting a foreign student. It is also this room that should be my home office. And it is setup as such. We got rid of the double bed that was in here, replacing it with a single. Also we nationalized the IKEA computer desk from my son’s room. He’d never had a computer in his room anyway. We bought a $150 chair from Office Max. (Pre-assembly, $20—well worth it.) My work laptop, wireless, and voila! Except that the VPN connection over wireless, especially if I was remoting into a server and running a WebEx—poop out. So the reality seems to be that to really do the home office thing up here, I will need to get some Ethernet cabling setup. I googled video of Ethernet cabling house and the first thing the guy said was get someone else to do it. I have to agree.

I am listening to Kate Wolf Radio on last.fm. One Kate Wolf song and now onto Priscilla Herdman. Oh well. But does sound nice.

Liam is off to his Iron Chef class with his school buddy Ryan at the Saint Paul College. Those logistics were managed by Dorothea. She is in Bemidji with sister and assorted women friends. Madeline has the Snow Ball last night, and right now there is an undetermined number of young women sleeping in her room. There was the option of staying at the hotel last night where the dance was held, but apparently that turned out to be not so appealing.

This morning, I got up and did my thing, went to Dunn Brothers on Lake at the West River Road intersection, and a granola and yogurt and coffee, and then went to Common Ground and sat for an hour before returning home to make sure that Liam got off to his class.

Now I am thinking of sitting as much as possible today. Will let you know how that goes.

What made me do it, to go downstairs to the iPod clock/radio charger on the kitchen counter, remove my iPhone, return upstairs, take the picture, email it, come back up here, and insert into this post? What the hell is this? Ain’t interesting or unique. But I am leaving it in. My internal editor says “yes.”