Facebook privacy and apps

Was trying to find a way to connect my blog www.davidschons.com/somekindapossible, which is now running on WordPress, with my Facebook account, and found the WordPress plug-in, wpbook. It works really well, except, as was pointed out by Tony, (thank you Tony)—Facebook asks for the right to access your personal information. Yuck.

If you don’t want to tell me, I don’t want to know. In researching, I found out that apps like Farmville—they are harvesting people’s personal information and the game users don’t really even know it. Again, yuck. By the way, here is the screen is question (the “request permission” dialog box):

What I just discovered is that you can control what information this permission request accesses. Here is the screen I found with its default settings:

The path to this dialog box is: Facebook > Account > Account Settings > Privacy > manage > Apps and Websites > Edit your settings > Info Available > Edit Settings. (Kind of not easy to stumble across.)

This seems to be specific to Facebook applications. (Not totally sure.) But my hope is that by unchecking the boxes, people (me included) won’t be unnecessarily sharing personal information with Facebook apps.