“…but you can never leave…”

Sitting at the Dunn Brothers, Lake Street & West River Road, because I can. 5th of July. Noodling on the ShapeWriter iPhone app. Pandora Radio: Listening first to Bungle in the Jungle, then to Behind Blue Eyes via ear buds, which I can do now since getting iOS4. (Otherwise, pre- multitasking, moving away from Pandora to ShapeWriter meant music stopped.)

Led Zepplin “Rock and Roll” soothes my mind while I survey a coffeeshop of other folks similarly self- absorbed. Amazingly humid. Like last night, the sky is filled with a complex, dense jumble of clouds, thunderheads rising at regular intervals in all directions.

Went to Common Ground again this morning, making four consecutive days of sitting for two hours at a time.

Last night to Martha’s house for a neighborhood gathering. Men sitting on the porch, women in the kitchen. Does it never end? And the “kids,” shit– twelve years on, and damn– they’re BIG, they’re ADULTS, fer Christssake. I retreated to the air conditioning and solitude of my bedroom hours before the official fireworks. Stella decided she was most comfortable UNDER the bed.

What I SEE is quiet self- absorbed, computerized individuals. What I hear beyond the sonic iPhone Hubble Sphere is many voices, a la there’s a party going on.