O.M.G. Becky

But here is the picture of Madeline and her “O.M.G. Becky” shirt. Madeline was walking in the hall of Junior High, the hall was really crowded. (Madeline, who just came in the room where I am sitting and writing this, wants me to make sure that you understand that this is a large school–four hundred students per grade–and is a racially and culturally diverse school.) So, she ran into this black guy, sort of accidentally bumped into him with her shoulder, and then he, in mock horror, stood back and raised his arms up in the air and said, in a high-pitched, white-girly voice “oh my god, Becky!” In this context, “Becky” to be understood as a generic white-girl name.
That was eighth grade. Fast-forward to the beginning of ninth grade. Madeline has moved on to a new high school. One weekend with friends from her old Junior High, she is with a group that is tie-dying. And someone creates this shirt for her, harking back to the eighth-grade incident.
And I’ve had the idea for this narrative for a while, and just now got to taking the picture.