Time Zone Craziness While staying

Time Zone Craziness

While staying in Paris and Morlaix, France, during the first two weeks of August, we were quite amazed at how late it was still light outside. 10:00 PM seemed still to be pretty bright. We thought about the issue of latitude. St. Paul, where we live, is right on 45 degrees North latitude. Paris and Morlaix seem to be just about 49 degrees. I just now got to checking that on my father’s old National Geographic globe. But the latitude difference doesn’t seem to be enough to explain. Also, daylight started in the morning later than here. I am not exactly sure when, since we were sleeping in so late because we were staying up so late. But I was wondering about time zones, and now think that the time zone setup explains much. The link below leads to a world time zone map.


Note that the Greenwich Meridan runs right through the middle of France. This is shown nicely with this map.


But, even so, France is an hour ahead of GMT. In addition, western France is near the edge of the time zone. I think that the factors of latitude, and especially this time zone craziness, accounts for the late, late light in summer.