We are back, safe and

We are back, safe and sound, if a a bit discombobulated. Dorothea and Liam are already off to Bemidji to visit. Madeline is watching TV, recovering from her first soccer practice.

In posting photos to Flickr, I came across somethings a la Bretagne on YouTube. The stuff from this fellow seems quite good and tasteful, like “wish I could have done that.”

Lots of waves and rocks


Short clip of dancing


And, totally apropo of nothing, except links from about led me to it–a YouTube of Leo Kottke and Michael Johnson. But isn’t that what blogging is all about?


voyage en Bretagne — the first half of this is quite good, then devolves into family photos–though even that is quite good.


Thinking of all the things that can be added to the pictures that I posted to Flickr, all the text, but I am done.

No, wait. Here’s a video that is a great representation of the music that we danced to in Locquirec.