Kopplin’s Coffeeshop I am

Kopplin’s Coffeeshop

I am right now at Kopplin’s Coffeeshop. I did not ride my bicycle to work. I did go to the YWCA, and showered there for the first time in long while. Always an intriguing experience, showering at the Y.

While I was driving here along Summit Avenue, I was puzzled by all the little U.S. flags on the boulevard. Too late for Memorial Day, a bit early for July 4? Ah, happy birthday, Jim! (A former co-worker whose birthday is on June 14.)

Yesterday, after biking home from work, I’d had it. My bike is a mess and needs a tune up. So I looked up the Express Bike Shop (on the web, of course–Dorothea commented that she’d have used the phonebook) and the guy on the other end of the line said they’d have my bike for a week to tune it up. Yikes. I called around, and a week seemed to be the norm. So I rode over there. Pizza Luce now across the street. Walked back.

Being bikeless is why I am here now. I think about stopping when biking by, but then I am all sweaty, and I am focused on getting to work.

This is so French. For here. The impossibly little handle on the cup.