I continue my wimpy blogging

I continue my wimpy blogging of copy/paste the little notes I have been keeping for myself at work in the Google Note gizno, with this exception: Jeff sent me this picture below. We must have been just 16–left to right: drums, bass, lead, rhythm, keyboards. (My guess–1975)

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No biking again today, I have an appointment with Rachel for haircut.

In at 6:30. Worked for an hour or so on Project Plan for class.


No biking today, wimped out as had dental appointment.

MF down for 12 hours. Never happened before. What is a bank but a ledger of accounts and ability to access that information?

Came in just after 9:00–server problems, too.

Updated a couple of Visio drawings testing and project status


Biked to Y and work–stopped at Kowalski’s and bought bars, yogurt, frozen dinners. Never did get to the PM class stuff yesterday.

Sheel, Jim: steps for Dev/Ops migration

Sheel 1:1

Steve, Sean: XMLs and Code Migration

Jim–server turnover


Me and Liam–science project and Shrek the Third, walking Stella to Macalester.

Dropped Madeline and Yuna off at = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Lake St. station–they went to the MOA.


Drove to the YWCA and the parking lot was blocked off for their 100th birthday celebration.

Took Liam to his baseball practice and Stella for a walk in the little wedge shaped neighborhood bounded by West Seventh and Lexington.

Thunder and storm threatened. We returned just in time to leave for Madeline’s piano recital.

On arrival home we had an orgy of moving couches.