For the last couple of

For the last couple of days, a bird or birds have been using my windshield for target practice. Their aim has been improving. I thought about this while washing the windows and having $3.979 per gallon gasoline pumped into the minivan tank.

On Friday, Dorothea and I dropped Yuna and Liam off at the Y to go swimming. She loves swimming; Liam doesn’t. But, he’s willing to go with her, so that is a great combination. Dorothea and I walked around the Ramsey Hill neighborhood, centered on on the YWCA, the Saint Paul Cathedral, the Cass Gilbert-designed Swedenborg Church, and Boyd Park. We stopped at the Happy Gnome for a beer. The Happy Gnome is next to the Saint Paul Curling Club.

Yuna told of sitting in the sauna and listening to two men talk of their impending graduation from law school and job prospects–the old everybody want experience, but how do you get a job without having experience? I thought that I’ve been blogging about just such sauna conversations for six years, and now there’s someone else who has done exactly the same.

Last night, we clicked “Purchase” on $4,700 of Icelandair tickets for the four of us to fly to France in August.