Finally, suddenly, unexpectedly, most recent

Finally, suddenly, unexpectedly, my most recent OCD pursuit got solved. As to often happens, seemingly without my intervention, even though I put probably eight hours into it. On Thursday, I paid $25 for a one-year subscription to This led me through a thicket of podcasts and Create Labs ZEN V Plus directions, firmware, drivers, and hard-to-find information–though not for a lack of information, oh no. When I got back from the YWCA this morning, the AudibleManager was offering me the option to download the programs, and I don’t think that was there before. These sort of things haunt me though. Maybe it was there? The mysterious appearance, disappearance, reappearance of things is a constant in my life.

So, I am going to strap on my ZEN V Plus and take the dog for a very, very cold walk.

Just back. Got a bit of Cornelius Fichtner, the pmprepcast guy. Cold. Stella is ready for a nap now. Listening to “If Not For You” from The Essential Bob Dylan. Ripping it, too, and putting on the ZEN.

The next obsession that I going to pursue is the transfer of the 600 questions and answers from the ESI Study Guide that I painstakingly typed into a Mediawiki wiki that I created at work last summer. I want to transfer them to so that I don’t lose them.

Random thought: I like the idea of writing into a blog better than sending email because I think that people can then read it more at their leisure, though that may not be the case.

Well, another support email, this time to (again.) I see in the server log mentions to index.php not existing, but seems to be there.

And I realized that I can go ahead and the pages from the PMP Quiz blog at work to, because the is up.