I have gotten massively

I have gotten massively distracted. “Why you should kill your moveabletype blog” seems like an apt description of my blight. Maybe Google Writerly should go too. I have become quite fond of Writerly, especially enchanted with the ability to write and then post to my blog. But, then, in late February, things went horribly wrong. Things got discombobulated. I could no longer post to Some Kinda Possible. Instead, the posts were going to the testblog. I posted on the help page on February 25 the following:

I love the post to blog feature. My blog is movabletype. Something
seems to have changed from when I originally set it up. In the Blog ID/
Title box, funny characters keep appearing–two square boxes, a dash,
an “n” and a “Z”. I have a couple of blogs, and can no longer
designate which blog I want to post to. The post just always goes to
the same blog.

and watched for a few days only to get that usual sinking feeling that no one would respond.
Today, I cleared my cache. Voila! That got rid of the funny characters, but now I was posting to dragonfly. Ugghh. I looked at the help board, and shazam! there was this reply, dated February 27:
Hi David,

We’re aware of the problem viz. changing which blog you post to.

For now, there’s a slightly clunky workaround that should allow you to
bypass this problem.

1. Switch your blog settings to have it post to the correct blog.
2. Post to your blog.
3. Remove the post.
4. Now, post again.

This sequence, for whatever reason, will wake the system up, and alert
it to post to the correct blog.

If you continue to have other problems, let me know!


And, it worked. So, waste of time, but now I am back on track. So, this morning–let’s see–it is after 8:00, so it’s been an hour–I have gotten myself back on track, as well as gotten some errant back posts published in the right places.

Soon, Nina’s will for one reason or another become an unpleasant place to be–some loud coffee klatsch will park itself next to me, I will lose my computer connectivity, whatever.