I was chugging along nicely,

I was chugging along nicely, then I lost my connection, and now the connection is gone forever. Or at least until I can get to the remote computer. I am now sitting in an empty classroom at Saint Thomas, waiting for Yuna to appear. The class was short. Actually, I didn’t think it was at all. I mistakenly thought that this evening was the night that the mid-term was due and that we didn’t have to attend. So I came a bit late, but it is a good thing that I came.

I was remoted into my computer at work, but I lost the VPN connection and haven’t been able to get in since. So, after futzing with that for awhile, I am now resigned to blogging, which is something that I should do anyway.

I just got an email from Tom and Rose, who are cruising and are in the Dominican Republic. They sent the link to their cruising blog. Now, being in the Dominican Republic–that’s interesting.

I am getting kind of tired. I stayed home from work today, parting because I was afraid that I was getting an ear infection like what Madeline has got, partly to work on my take-home mid-term which actually isn’t due until next Monday. But I can move on now. I am ready to go back to work. I ended up working about half the day anyway, working on a production problem, an aftermath of the disaster recovery exercise from this past Saturday.d

Well now, that is cool. I rebooted to Kubuntu and relocated to the computer lab, since that is where Yuna will be looking for me. Sure enough, I can get on the Saint Thomas network. That’s is preetty good. Those college geeks who like linux have come through.