Super Bowl Sunday raining on Prince

The quote below is a slightly cleaned up set of pages that I sent to myself on
Thursday morning, from the kitchen. I was home in the morning before going to
work, which was unusual. Usually, I am out the door by 6:30 on my way to the
YWCA. But I was home to see Liam off to his school bus, since Dorothea had
left to go up to Bemidji to attend at a birth for her sister Monica. (I am
having some trouble with this expression, since it sounds to me like what I am
saying is that Monica is being born, which isn’t true. Or is it?)


So, heaps upon heaps, we are going through some special times. First, Yuna is
staying with us. Next, Elkam’s house has a fire, and she need a place to
stay–which is with us, with is neato, but our headcount is now seven
(including the dog) and then Dorothea leaves suddenly and returns a few days
later totally wiped out. Liam leaves for Lac du Bois for the French camp and
Yuna leaves for Red Lake for ice fishing. Plus, temps are below zero, and
that’s hasn’t happened for awhile.

blender on the counter glass of orange juice syrup bottle no clean bowls
ibuprofen on the kitchen floor dog water dish empty that is a bottom line
cruel inhuman just yuck people need to do more


ordinary time maybe catholics have that one right long stretches of time where
nothing special happens and then there are these intense times house fire
birth and this is easy compared to what can be