I added Yuna’s blog to

I added Yuna’s blog to the blogroll. It is snowing, substantially, first since New Year’s Eve, first time this year. Went to the 11:00 am meeting with the intention of getting books for the Quakerism 101 class that runs for seven Thursdays, starting this week. Dorothea is taking the class too. I am near finishing the second Eragon book. Interested in the few presented that everything has a soul, but that the soul dies with the body. Also, the Tai Chi-like exercise that he does, as well as the meditation. The mediation tends towards the telepathic and the magical. When the Eragon is meditating, he communicating with the minds of other beings, down to the level of ants. This seems different than the few that I have of meditating, which is silence. His would be a meditation of cacaphony by comparison. But it brings to mind some comparisons. One is of the “mind” as I recall it mention in the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Also of the Quakers and the “light.” It seems like the “mind” and “light” are sort of like a communications “bus” like an Ethernet network. Seems like a a recursive thing? When I am meditating, and “lose” or “get out” of my mind, I am joining some sort of universal existence, consciousness, something like that. Well, so much for that. I am trying to formulate something though. But while I am trying to figure that out, here is a snippet of an email that I sent in reference to a class presentation that Dorothea did. She needed to present an anticedote. She chose to talk about her Burmese refugee friend, former elephant owner, and newly learning to drive.

Dorothea told me about her visiting a refugee friend of hers yesterday. The woman is from Burma. She lived for a long time in a refugee camp in Thailand, where she was a midwife. Now she works as a CA in a nursing home, nights, in Saint Paul. Last spring, Dorothea took her to a cemetery to teach her how to drive. Yesterday, somewhere by the U of M, they practiced parallel parking. Afterward, they went to a Vietnamese restaraunt on University and had some pho. This woman, before the refugee camp thing, when she lived in Burma, she had an elephant. Over pho, Dorothea asked her if she bought her elephant. Oh no, she said, that would have been too expensive. She went out into the forest with other people and captured the elephant by enticing it into a big pit. Dorothea is going to use this as an ancedote for her current class. I think that should be pretty good. Like–if you can go out into the jungle, trap, train, and own an elephant, you can learn how to parallel park. For sure.