Went to Groveland Tap for

Went to Groveland Tap for a beer after work. Dorothea is at the first night of her class. I got down another photo album and continue to scan. Tonight:

Liam and I blowing out candles on the cake for my forty-second birthday. I know it was my forty-second because there is a very similar picture of Celine, and we have the same birthday. It was when I was 42 that she was staying with us.

Standing in a canola field in Manitoba. We were on our way to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Not sure what year it was. About 2001 or so. That was the trip that we got stopped on the way back into the U.S. and they tossed the minivan and found a baggie with two Drum hand rolled cigarettes that Dorothea had gotten for me. Fun.

Building the fort in the backyard with Tomas. That thing began with Christopher, almost right away after we moved here. The privacy fence between our two backyards was partially blown down, and he first offered to take it down for us, and then built the first floor of the fort with the scrap. No question but that it was amazing. Here, Tomas came over and helped add a second story. My memory is that Christopher had built it with a roof, and that was taken off. I always had mixed feelings about the structure, at best. There was a big fight because I didn’t want to participate in the second round of construction. I was also concerned about exposed nail ends, and kids falling off, falling through the second-story floor, off the ladder. The fort went away when we tore down the metal shed to make way for the new shed.

Liam in the flowers. These flowers were in the front of Tomas’ house on Dayton Avenue. Made for a great picture, as the flowers were almost bigger than he was. This must have bee in the summer of 1998, when I moved down to the Twin Cities.