Uploading pictures to Flickr.

Uploading pictures to Flickr. That’s is what I have been doing with my New Year. Rifling through photo albums and photo envelops, scanning, and, as I have been going along, getting a little bit more savvy and color correcting them, and posting them on Flickr. (“Auto Improve” is what the photo program calls it.) Definitely feeling sentimental. I especially like what Flickr calls its “badge” which lets me have the three random photos across the top.

On New Year’s Eve night, it finally snowed here. We got about an inch. In the morning, Dorothea and I went down to Crosby Farm and cross country skied. There was barely enough snow. But it was comfortably warm, and pretty, especially down by the river, which is not frozen, of course.

Dorothea’s working. She want to save money to go on a trip. Madeline is at a sleepover. Liam and I ordered pizza and watched goofy new comedy sitcoms on TV. That’s all for now. Goodnight, blog.