New Year’s Eve Day,

New Year’s Eve Day, and it rains. Beauty and Dorothea went to the Quaker meeting because Beauty asked to go. I went to the Y this morning, and at the last minute, though I had been planning to go with them, it suddenly felt better to just stay home. I had planned since yesterday, when Dorothea had told me that Beauty was going, that I would go too. The idea yesterday was what to do with the children. But that is a non-issue since they are at Mary’s house, where they spent the night. I don’t know. It just didn’t seem like my thing. It was a Beauty and Dorothea thing. It is disturbing to me that I go and I go, and I go alone. Oh well. I will just chalk it up to the split-brain thing.

So last night, I dropped the children off at their aunt’s. Dorothea had asked me to look into what could be an evening. She had been interested in what she had originally called a “Bangladeshi” restaurant that one of her friends recommended. Dorothea recommended that I call that friend and check it out. I wasn’t interested in that restaurant, and didn’t call the friend. I heard about the British commercial awards on the radio, but, like always, every year, by the time I hear about that annual event at the Walker Art Institute, it is already sold out. There were two musical things that I found in the paper that met my primary criteria–that they start before 9:00 pm–and that looked interesting. The Big Wu with Dean McGraw (I love listening to and watching Dean McGraw play–just makes me all tingly and goose-bumpy.) That was at the Cedar Cultural Center. At the Dakota was Nachito Herrera.

I had heard a recording of Herrera the day before on the Morning Show, playing Night in Tunisia. It was quite engaging. I have been listening to music on public radio quite a lot lately, especially since I have gone to the gym just about everyday for the last two weeks, and have listened to their music while I have been on the elliptical trainer. Also, I have been sitting at my laptop at the dining room table listing to 89.3 The Current while studying, writing, playing Tetris.

So anyway, I was frustrated when Dorothea came in last night and the first thing was she’d gotten the address of her restaurant. And she was not interested in the Big Wu. We went to the Badani, actually Kurdish. Quite good, very authentic. And we ended up stopping at the Gingko Coffeehouse, and listened to a folkie for a while. It was all okay. The Gingko is a place way under utilized by me. I think that they’ve got first rate music, and it is very simple to go there.