Thoroughly addicted to Tetris.

Thoroughly addicted to Tetris. Even Liam, when he tried it, said “wow, that’s too addicting.” I am on my last days of vacation from work now. I hope to get into the groove of studying for my Project Management exam. Twistedly, I had this notion that I want to combine the addictedness of the Tetris with the studying for the exam. I need some way to get meditatively hypnotized into studying. That is a hard one, I know. I was just thinking that maybe I should sign up for the Spring quarter Project Management class at Saint Thomas. I am probably eligible for another pot of money for the New Year. Hmm. Sounds self-destructive.

I did try to sign up today for the MindRiver’s Buddhist class for January to March. Don’t know if that worked out. Their website was into PayPal, and I wasn’t. I sent an email to them but they appear to be gone until January 11.

Well, at least I have my Project Management stuff out. I did the practice test from one of the books. Am starting to get into the groove.

Tomorrow, we drive to see my mother. The children and I drove to my work so that we could fax something the the Amity organization for Yuna. We gassed up and got the car washed, and we stopped also at my cube and I got the binder from the exam prep class that I took this summer.

So my hope for these few days of vacation is to get myself addicted to studying, to exercise, and to not over-eat. Yikes.

I still have some Christmas cards to send, too. And it seems like I am on the cusp of some interesting stuff at work. Could turn out to be horrifying stuff. There is always that threat.

Well, it is off to bed for me.