Christmas come, and Christmas

Christmas come, and Christmas go. Well, actually, this is it. I am past it, in a way. The presents are opened. There are glockenspiels on the dining room table. We went out to eat last night at an Asian restaurant, though that may be the end of the tradition–no one seemed very pleased with the experience.

I am defraging the harddrive. Had trouble last night installing Microsoft Windows Media Player 10, which was a requirement for the little Memorex MP3 and radio player that I got Liam. So, now I am deleting programs (Java development this, Java development that, Harry Potter), moving files to the downstairs computer, and defraging.

Dorothea and the children headed off to her sister’s house. It is my Christmas present to have the day off. I am looking forward to a nice bath, perhaps a monthly cigar, and working on the Project Management certification. I need to, want to get back into that groove.