Sitting at the diningroom table

Sitting at the diningroom table after taking Stella for a reasonably long walk. Headed south into the Macalester College Tangletown area. Nostalgia since that is an area that I came to the Cities to visit fellow college students the odd quarter century ago. Tonight for the first time in a long time it is cold outside. A bit of a nip in the air. I haven’t worn my scarf for some days, and didn’t tonight for the dog walk, but my neck was cold, and I wished that I had.

Just checked my junk email account, and thankfully all that is in there is less than twenty pieces of junk mail, not almost five hundred spam blog comments awaiting approval or rejection.

Also at the table are Christmas cards and Dorothea writing Christmas cards. I have gotten sidetracked. I got out the Palm Pilot for looking up addresses. The batteries–dead. So I have been waiting (a walk with the dog) for that to resynchronize. (Now realized that I could have just used the copy on the computer. Oh well. Such is my life.) So, now the Palm is resynched, and the Windows patches are updated to boot. So I am going to reboot.