Few and far between

Posts have gotten to be few and far between. I have made a few abortive attempts lately. But, as the Quakers say, none have risen to the level of ministry. I have thumb-typed my work’s two-way pager while riding the bus; I have started posts in the Google document editor; one day, I even sat down at Nina’s, got out the Palm Pilot, and was already to go, only to find that it was hung from the previous synchronization. Is it possible that the fates are against me?
Another deterent has been the amount of spam that I have been getting. I have tried the Moveabletype preferred method of queuing up unapproved emails, but all that has done is fill up my mailbox. I am sure that it’s possible that I have deleted legitimate comments while getting rid of the bad ones.
I just got back from picking up Madeline from a sleepover, and will soon depart to take her to a basketball game, her first of the season, and first in several years. She didn’t play last year. Liam is looking through the change jar for state quarters and filling a folio. Dorothea works. Yuna sleeps. Stella needs a walk. A brunch awaits me.
Better a short post than no post. I am on the verge either of quitting blogging, or I have to find a new groove.