Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels–that

Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels–that is how we started our day. Cretin-Derham Hall Catholic School, which is big and prestigious. There were thousands of people lined up at 7:30 to get “routes” and stand in line for hours to get food that they would then drive around the metro area to deliver. A self-congratulatory experience. So American. Stand around and wait to drive as a do-gooder thing. Wonder about the religious connections of the organization and the event. At the very end of the process, after standing around for hours, just as they give you the boxes and bags of food that you are going to deliver, they also give you a little children’s book that is a Christian religious tract. So that part was dubious. But there were lots of suburban people there, and, got to hand it to them–it is hard for some such folks to even come into the city, much less to disadvantaged people’s homes.

Trying to get the dirt on the organization, but not happening with Google. Christian-based. It is what it is I guess. Googling “Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels” did turn up a Jewish meals on wheels. Maybe we should try that next year.