Rest in peace, muffler, exhaust pipe

Ah, where to begin? Besides that about an hour ago, I was thinking that following the dog’s example and taking a nap seemed like a great idea? I will begin where I am then. Such is the disorder of blogging. I have to leave to walk over to Tires Plus on Snelling to pick up the Honda and pay them $ 350-plus.
$308–not as bad.
And, the family is back from the Hansmeyer Christmas gathering at Carmp Courage.
So, my idyll is gone.
I no longer have the urge to write. I just got done cleaning the upstairs bathroom with Liam. I explained to Dorothea how things went for me with the Honda last night–the exhaust pipe broke–and what I had to do today to get it fixed. That was an unpleasant experience. I have lost the thread, and am leaving.