Liam is reading Eragon.

Liam is reading Eragon. He says that it is more difficult than reading Harry Potter. He and I went to the Borders bookstore on University last night to buy it. I had gone online and ordered it from the library, but it was listed as a long wait, perhaps ten days, and he had finished yet another Harry Potter book, and he was itching for more. I felt it important to indulge his interest. We want to keep him reading.

Last evening Dorothea and I met at Madeline’s school for conferences. She seems to be doing quite well, too well–she has an A + in English, and a cute young teacher to boot. The roof of the school is being re-done, so the acrid smell of asphalt hung everywhere. That definitely doesn’t seem right.

Colleen and Mary were here last night. Always wonderful to see them. We had stew for dinner, which Dorothea had prepared. We had a full table of seven people, with Yuna. That was good and lively. They seemed quite taken with Stella, who obligingly layed about to be petted by them.

I spent my work day deconstructing a Java program. I only had the class. so I used a decompiler to see the source. I installed Netbeans on my PC. That was most of the day. I enjoy that sort of thing. I am always wondering if I will accomplish what I am after, if I am doing the right thing.

I got two calls from brothers–one from my brother, Mike, and another call from Dorothea’s brother Leonard. I suspect that my brother was drinking, and that hers wants to talk about Jesus. Jesus. This upcoming weekend is her family’s pre-Christmas Christmas gathering, and after that is Thanksgiving, for which we still don’t have plans.