I have been playing

I have been playing around with Google, trying their spreadsheet and now their document editor. So far, so good. And, if it works well enough, maybe I will do this and give up the blogging. Right now, I want to see how the revisions look. Was thinking of trying to get Wikipedia going on the livingdot site, but that seems like a no go. So far, so good. Looks like I get a clear view of how things are changing. So now, I can start to go through my Palm Pilot memos and old blog entries and start making revisions? Now I can start collecting thoughts into compositions?

So–we just got back from visiting Harry Norr, our neighbor when we lived in Little Falls. (We lived there from 1994 to 1998.) I would like to start adding tags to this now. How can I do that?

The thought of “how can I add tags?” led me off to the Google “Writely” Publish tab. I was successfully in getting Google Writely to publish this post to my blog. Hmm. Neato. Now I am seeing if I can edit the entry and have it re-post. Here goes.